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Public relation officer commonly known as PRO may also be called public relations specialists or public information officers. These professionals craft positive public images for the organizations that employ them by gaining favorable media coverage. Public relations officers may also coordinate public events like exhibits and contests to promote their organizations. Many organizations from governments to retailers to manufacturers to marketing agencies tend to employ PR professionals. PR can be a very stressful job sometimes given the need to maintain positive image of the firm and having to be the face of the organization in a crisis like situation.


Bachelors degree in any discipline preferably with social sciences, liberal arts and humanities is required to take up a course in this field of PRO.

The BLS states that entry-level public relations officer applicants typically hold four-year degrees in public relations or related fields like marketing, communications or journalism. Elective coursework in business, social science and creative writing may be helpful. Aspiring public relations officers may also benefit from membership in pre-professional societies like the Public Relations Student Society of America, and from participating in internships or corporate training programs.


Should be able to plan, develop and implement PR strategies. Excellent people skills. Good oral and written communication skills. Ability to research and write. Ability to handle media.


This is a fictitious calendar of the work schedule and is meant to give an idea of the different tasks that the professional performs and different people that the professional needs to coordinate with.

This DILO or the Work Schedule may differ from organization to organization and context.

Context DILO:

A senior PR professional working for a marketing firm assigned as a consulting PR to a technology firm.

DILO, Day In The Life of:

Time Task
9:00 am – 10:00 am Review and edit an article scheduled to appear in a technology weekly regarding the upcoming product release.
10:00 am – 11:00 am Internal meeting to plan the press tour to promote a new product.
11:00 am -1:30 pm Analyze the media trends data from the past month’s response to the multi-channel PR campaign launched last quarter.
1:00 pm – 2:00 pm Lunch
2:00-4:00 pm Meeting with the client to understand the potential crisis situation regarding a newly discovered bug in an existing product. Understand company’s plan and release dates for bug fixes. Prepare a press release announcing the same to mitigate the negative impact and to alert the end users to switch to the upgraded version of the product
4:00pm – 5:00 pm Meeting with an event management firm specializing in technology conferences to discuss sponsorship opportunities.
5:00 pm- 6:30 pm Review and approve the blogs and press releases and articles to be published in major media websites.

Career Ladder:

Exact career path may change from organization to organization, but below is a typical path.

Career Ladder Image:


Description For Certifications:

Links to Certifications or Credentials, that are usually offered by Professional Organizations that certify, can potentially help in climbing up the career ladder.

Professional Certifications or Credentials:

Certification Description Career Level Certifying Body
CPRS Certified Public Relation Specialist Expert/Professional Level Business training Institute
CIPR Foundation Award in Public Relations Chartered Institute of Public Relations Entry Level Chartered Institute of Public Relations
CIPR Advanced Certificate in Public Relations Chartered Institute of Public Relations Expert/Professional Level Chartered Institute of Public Relations
CAM Diploma in Marketing Communications. Communication Advertising Marketing Foundation(CAM) Diploma Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)

Description For Associations:

Links to Associations, that can also be identified as Professional Organizations, can potentially help in networking with other professional in the field and to learn the latest developments in the field.

Professional Associations or Organizations:

Association Description More Info
NIOA National Information Officers Association NIOA
PRSA Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) PRSA
IPRA International Public Relations Association IPRA
PRCA Public Relations Consultants Association PRCA

Public Relation Officer Tools:

Links to a few Tools/Techniques (Also called Career Management Tools or Career Tools) and Methods (Also called Career Method Tools or Techniques) that the professionals in that career path tend to use, like this:

Tool Purpose More info
Just Reach Out JustReachOut is targeted for startups and small firms to do their own PR without spending a lot of money. Just Reach Out
TrendKite Includes features such as Custom Media Dashboard, News Dashboard, Automatic Reports and New Alerts needed for PR professionals. They measure the impact of traditional press and social media with metrics like Key Message Pull Through, Share of Voice, Total Mentions, Geographic Mentions, Sentiment, Executive Mentions, Top Articles, Top Influencers, and Media Values. TrendKite

Public Relation Officer Methods:

Links to a few Methods (Also called Career Method Tools or Techniques) and Tools/Techniques (Also called Career Management Tools or Career Tools) that the professionals in that career path tend to use, like this:

Method Description
Attend public events PR specialists tend to attend relevant public events and speak favorably about the organization that they are representing to seek public attention to their organization. Particularly effective for non-profit/government organizations and also for very large corporations with a public image.
Media Relations Maintain good media relations via Press Conference, Press Release, etc.
Social Media and blogging Although primarily used for advertising purposes, PR officers also started using this platform to establish direct communication with target audience. Blogging is another effective tool for PR team to promote a favorable image of their organization.


Public Relation Officer Experts:

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