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Hello and Welcome.

We’re a small team of professionals, who have come together to put together an information portal for professionals like you.


Vijaya Kurada, (Owner, Technical Architect, UX Design lead, Editor and Content Contributor for this website) has got more than 16 years of experience in the corporate world in various roles ranging from a research engineer to project manager to general manager. She worked for Nuance Communications, Acxiom Corporation and GE Money Americas in the past and has got a US Patent in Natural Language Dialog Analysis. She has an MBA in Marketing and Finance from NYU, USA and M.S. in Engineering from RPI, NY, USA.

She has had the good fortune of studying and working in India and the USA. She’s interested in sharing the knowledge that she gained from her corporate experience with professionals around the world and this website is one such attempt. She’s currently taking a break from her corporate career to pursue her interests in education, training and technology. To learn more about Vijaya, please visit her LinkedIn page.


Revanth Voduru, a software engineer and a UX design enthusiast with an interest in QA has contributed to design, testing and content for this website.

anithaAnitha Garneni andRishiCareer_BhavaniBhavani Godula, fine developers, have lent their hand on the software development side using Drupal besides providing feedback on the concept and UX design.

Thank you for encouraging us by visiting this site. Your feedback is valuable to us and please provide the same using the Feedback Form on the Home page.