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Augmented Reality

What is this technology?:

Augmented Reality, aka AR is an emerging technology that blends Virtual Reality (VR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Computer Graphics (CG).To put in simple words, AR allows a static image to come alive.  The technology is primarily based on image recognition. AR has already found quite a few commercial uses and is growing rapidly.

See the images below. Courtesy: Space 4D+ iPhone App from Octagon Studio.(https://www.octagonstudio.com/)

When we place a smart phone with the Space 4D+ application with camera facing the static image, see how the picture comes alive.


augmented reality.png           augmented reality1.png


Current applications of AR range from industry verticals such as education to games to entertainment to retail. AR is also used as a tool in Marketing.

Education and Skills: Augmented Reality (AR) is a software field primarily. Degree or Diploma in programming/computer science is very helpful. Good understanding of graphics, web and mobile technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and exposure to a range of CMS software is needed to enter this field.

Careers: Since this is an evolving field, new roles are likely to emerge in the next 5 to 10 years. But the careers are very likely to be those of the software field like ‘developer’ ‘QA engineer’ ‘Front End Designer’ and ‘Digital Project Manager”

A Few Companies that are in this Area:

Company Name Sample products in AR area website
AR Media AR-media™ Augmented Reality Platform, ARmedia 3D SDK software AR Media
Octagon Animal 4D+, Space 4D+, Octaland 4D+ Octagon
Aurasma AR platform that allows the end users to create their own AR content Aurasma
Documobi documobiFUSE allows a cleaver marketing campaign utilizing AR technology and CRM techniques. Documobi

What kind of Jobs are available in this field?:

Core AR is primarily a software field at this time. Augmented Reality is a promising field for software professional and people in the related areas. IT professionals can learn AR technology and enter this field.

Job Role Job Description Education Requirements Other Skills
Developers AR application development typically on mobile platforms. Computer Science or related field. Understanding of AR technology, Web development skills, exposure to mobile development.
Designers Digitally design every aspect of the visual element of a given project, be a commercial or product infomercial or an educational video utilizing AR technology. Courses in digital design. Understanding of AR, working knowledge of digital design applications like Adobe Photoshop and a good portfolio of digital design work.
Digital PM or Producer This is a project management role that may require working with clients in building custom digital solutions for their marketing campaigns or their products. This role requires the ability to coordinate and manage small to big teams consisting of designers, developers, QA specialists and the client side team. Computer Science or related field or digital design experience with relevant Project Management experience. Working knowledge of PM techniques such as Agile, Lean, Waterfall etc. Prior experience in digital projects. Prior experience with AR or VR projects in some role.

What kind of courses and degrees or certifications I can do to enter this field?:

Here’re a sampling of courses and certifications and degrees in Augmented Reality, aka AR.

Category Description More Info
Courses AR platform, AR building blocks, AR User Interactions etc. Explore online courses to get an idea about the basics of AR
Degree Degree in Computer Science or related field with a focus on Image Processing or Information Visualization Visit university websites such as MIT Media Lab, University of California and University of Washington to review their courses and projects in AR.

Professional Associations or Organizations:

Here’re a few associations or organization that you can join to network with other professionals in AR.

Association Description Website
EuroVR A Europe based non-profit organization to bring together people interested in AR and VR EuroVR
AugmentedReality.Org Is a non-profit platform for people interested in AR or AR start-ups to learn, network and connect via events, conferences and MeetUps. AugmentedReality.Org
AREA AR for Enterprise Alliance is a global member-based non-profit organization, that is (as per their website) “dedicated to widespread adoption of interoperable AR-enabled enterprise systems.” AREA


Here’s a few resources to learn more about AR technology and the applications of the same.

Resource Description Link
Demo Video AR demo video from the company ‘current’ Demo Video
Article Link to an article on AR Article
Tool or a method Discussion on developer tools for Augmented Reality Tool or a method