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What is this technology?:

Robots or robotic systems are those systems that are able to perform duties that humans are either unable to or prefer not to perform, or repetitive tasks, or, those jobs that require more precision than what a human can achieve.  Robotics is hardly a new field. Robotic systems are routinely used in manufacturing, for example on production lines. However, lately robotics is gaining lot of interest and growing at a fast pace mainly thanks to the advanced made in Computer Science and Engineering, specifically the advances in Artificial Intelligence are resulting in humanoid robots and finding use in new areas such as in restaurants and retail.

To learn more, you can check sources like YouTube or Wikipedia. We’ve found one such interesting video that explains the history of this technology. Here’s the link.


Education and Skills: Robotics is primarily an Engineering discipline. Engineers with backgrounds in Mechanical, Electrical, or Software Engineering can enter the field of robotics and put their creativity to use. Robotics engineers may work in the agricultural, military, medical, and manufacturing industries, among others, conceiving of new uses for robots, designing improved robots for existing systems, or repairing and maintaining industrial robots, says the Princeton Review (www.princetonreview.com).

Careers: Careers in Robotics range from engineers to technicians to scientists.

A Few Companies that are in this Area:

Company Name Sample products Main focus website
Touch Bionics i-digits quantum Healthcare Touch Bionics
iRobot Roomba, Scooba Home robots iRobot
Google Driverless autonomous cars Cars Google

What kind of Jobs are available in this field?:

Here’re a few sample jobs to give an idea about the kind of the skills needed and the roles in Robotics.

Job Role Job Description Education Requirements Other Skills Source
Robotic Scientist Robotic scientists build mechanical devices to perform various tasks. Some design machines to go where humans can’t go safely, like into outer space or deep underwater. Bachelor’s degree related to Computer Science or Engineering. May require certifications in computer languages and software programs and state-specific licenses. Robotic Scientist
Robotic Technician Robot technicians perform a crucial function of robotics engineering, a field with its feet already planted in the industrial arena. Bachelor’s degree related to Computer Science or Engineering. Computer programming and electromechanical engineering skills and knowledge. Robotic Technician
Robotic Engineer Robotics engineers are responsible for designing, testing, and building robots. Bachelor’s degree, master’s degree. Unified Robotics, computer science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, physics, calculus. Robotic Engineer

What kind of courses and degrees or certifications I can do to enter this field?:

Sample courses and certifications and degrees in Robotics are given below to get an idea.

Category Description Institute/Organization Website
Course Robotics Carnegie Mellon University Robotics Institute
Certificate Professional Certificate in Robotics Engineering Florida International University Robotics Certification
Degree or Diploma M.Sc in Robotics Bristol University Bristol University

Professional Associations or Organizations:

Here’re a few associations or organization that you can join to network with other professionals in Robotics.
Association Description Website
RIA Robotic Industries Association RIA
IFR International Federation of Robotics IFR
BARA British Automation and Robot Association BARA
ARAA Australian Robotics and Automation Association ARAA


Here’s a few resources to learn more about Robotics and the applications of the same.

Resource Description Link
Demo Video Aldebaran Robotics founder and CEO Bruno Maisonnier demos the latest version of the Nao humanoid robot. Demo Video
Article Articles and interactive features. Article
Link to an image Robotic Description Image Link to an image
Tool or a method The Robotics Center is a cluster and DLR’s competence center for research and development in the areas of robotics Tool or a method