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Event managers plan and organize the events from start to finish. Depending upon the nature and the complexity of the event, event management team size can vary from one person to a big firm. Event managers support a wide variety of events, such as family events like birthday parties, weddings etc. to corporate events like training programs and conferences to government sponsored events like trade shows or sports events like FIFA etc.

Event managers tend to be either generalists like supporting a wide variety of events or specialists like weddings, sports, trade shows etc.

There is no clearly defined career path in event or conference management. One can start from an assistant post and grow to be a team leader or one can directly start their own event management firm.

Work environment:Should be able to work under pressure and sometimes can expect to work under tight deadlines and put long hours during the run up to the actual event.

Education:Event managers come from all different backgrounds. But a degree in Event Management or related fields like Hospitality management, PR or Business Studies would be advantageous.

Skills:Relevant work experience is more important than qualifications in this field.  Even supporting with small events at school or community level events or non-profit events is also a good starting point. Excellent planning, communication and networking skills are required to make name in this field.


Typical Day in The Life (DILO) or Work Schedule of someone pursuing that career.

This is a fictitious calendar and is meant to give an idea of the different tasks that the professional performs and different people that the professional needs to coordinate with.

This may differ from organization to organization and context.

Context DILO:

An event manager working for a small event management firm that has got a few big corporations as clients. There is corporate training event coming up in the next two weeks and the event manager is planning for the same besides carrying her other routine tasks. Another event for a charity concert in the weekend coming up in 4 weeks.

Refer to this external site which has got description of a typical day for an event manager.


DILO, Day In The Life of:

Time Activity
9:00am – 10:00am Decide on which template to use for planning the charity event. Determine the tasks and prepare the basic plan.
10:00am – 11:30am Visit the venue for the corporate training event. Check the proposed training rooms, size, presentation equipment etc. at the venue.
11:30am – 12:00noon Call with the corporate client to go over the details of the venue and finalization of the same
12:00noon – 12:30pm Lunch
12:30pm – 1:30pm Charity event marketing material design review and venue options review
1:30pm – 2:00pm Set up the customized website for the corporate training event that the client’s employees can login and self-register.
2:00pm – 2: 30pm Attend training session on a new online tool
2:30pm – 3:30pm Meeting with the client for the charity event to discuss the marketing material and the venue options
3:30pm – 4:00pm Prepare hour-by-hour training schedule for the corporate training event using the details sent by the client and upload the same to the event site.
4:00pm – 6:00pm Assign assistant team members for the corporate training event and brief them on the tasks.
6:00pm – 6:30pm Wrap-up. Send status update emails to the clients and leave for home.

Career Ladder:

Exact career path or career ladder, i.e. career progression may change from organization to organization, but below is a typical path.

Career Ladder Image:


Description For Certifications:

Links to Certifications or Credentials, that can also be identified as Professional Organizations that certify, can potentially help in climbing up the career ladder.

Professional Certifications or Credentials:

Certification Description Career Level Certifying Body
CMP Certified Meeting Professional Entry Level CIC (Convention Industry Council).
CMM Certified Meeting Manager Experienced CIC (Convention Industry Council).
CEM Certified in Exhibition Management™ Entry Level IAEE (International Association of Exhibitions and Events™ )

Description For Associations:

Links to Associations, that can also be identified as Professional Organizations that certify, can potentially help in climbing up the career ladder.

Professional Associations or Organizations:

Association Description More Info
IAEE International Association of Exhibitions and Events IAEE
ESPA Event Service Professionals Association ESPA
PCMA Professional Convention Management Association PCMA

Event Manager Tools:

Links to a few Tools/Techniques (Also called Career Management Tools or Career Tools) and Methods (Also called Career Method Tools or Techniques) that the professionals in that career path tend to use, like this:

Tool Purpose More info
etouches A web based tool for conference/seminar/event management. etouches
Picatic Helps to create an event page and manage online ticket sales. Picatic
Event Ready A professional event management company offering event planning and management tools and software including onsite tasks such as registration management, badging, participant tracking etc. Event Ready

Event Manager Methods:

Links to a few Methods (Also called Career Method Tools or Techniques) and Tools/Techniques (Also called Career Management Tools or Career Tools) that the professionals in that career path tend to use, like this:

Method Description
Specialize To differentiate yourself, specialize in a few specific type of events to create a unique brand. This should also help with having a set of vendors and getting good price and dedicated schedules.
Socialize Build networks. Attend events.
Plan and organize Planning and organization skills are a must for event managers. Use the online tools effectively.
Set up event websites Providing customized event websites per event can go a long way in ensuring customer satisfaction in this digital world.

Event Manager Experts: